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The purpose of tthe "SantaRing" is to provide Santa Lovers the opportunity to visit a collection of Santa dolls and figurines that are sculpted, carved and created by very talented Santa Artists throughout the United States and Canada. Another great feature of the SantaRing is that there are no annoying advertisments to put up with. To assure the quality of the SantaRing, I accept new members via "Invitation";.

If you prefer, just EMAIL ME and I will get back to you quickly.

This "SantaRing" is no longer a part of the "WebRing".
I own the domain "". So you can access the artists by simply using the URL:


I have devised a unique way, unlike other "rings", whereby you can travel from one Santa Artist to another.....Only YOU have total control of where along the ring you want to visit and don't have to worry about being stuck or getting lost. When you click on a Santa Artist link, a new window will pop up with their site for you to visit. When you are ready to go on to the next site, just click the little square in the top left hand corner of the window to close it out. Click on the next artist you wish to visit and repeat the process.

To Enter the SantaRing, just click on "Enter Here".

To see a complete list of the Santa Artists by LOCATION,
just click on "LIST".

We hope you will enjoy your travels.

"Bon Voyage "
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